House removals – frequently asked questions

Moving house is a time when you make a very bold decision to entrust all your most valuable items to the representatives of a chosen transportation-oriented company. That is why you should choose true professionals in the field, such as our firm. One of the decisive factors should be the experience on the domestic market, for it is highly dangerous and irresponsible to give access to your expensive and fancy objects to people that are not knowledgeable when it comes to the proper transport, loading, unloading and storage. What is more, a true leader in the discussed branch of industry should always be ready to provide you with advising services toll-free and suggest the best way of moving your house. Yet another aspect that should be taken into account is the car fleet the company you want to pick has at its disposal. It goes without saying that it should be capable of providing you with a vehicle that is perfectly adjusted to the amount of boxes and items you want to take from your old house to the new one. Do not forget to ask its representatives about item insurance, for it will be your warranty that if anything happens to your possessions, a sum of money allowing you to repurchase them will be paid by an insurance company. Last but not least – do not hesitate to ask about the final price of the discussed transportation-oriented undertaking, for we all know that it is important for the client to be offered the most comprehensive set of services for the most competitive price possible. We have been operating on the market for many years, so we are fully aware of prices that are considered to be acceptable by our customers and do not raise them even if other firms specializing in house moving do so. That is why we have a large database of regular customers who cooperate with us on a regular basis and recommend our services to other individuals interested in house removal.  

We can prepare a valuation based on data provided by you during our communication via phone, e-mail, or during your visit in our office. Our representatives can also check out the house in question in order to estimate the cost of removals basing on the amount of items that have to be transported, the size of the place of residence in question, and on the number of additional tasks that are strictly connected with the undertaking (such as furniture assembly/disassembly).  

Yes, it is. Each and every service valuation is toll-free, meaning that you do not need to cover any costs connected with it. Free quotations are provided in the case of habitable spaces, as well as in the case of offices.  

There are certain key pieces of information that we will always ask you to provide us with while contacting us. Obviously, the most important one is the location of your place of residence, both the old and the new one, because we have to estimate the distance that will have to be covered by our representatives from our premises to the house removal destination and then – to the new habitable space to be furnished in the future. Additionally, we have to know (in the case of flats) on what floor your place is located, because more or less people may be required to take such items as washing machine, large-sized items of furniture, TVs, etc. down. Our driver also always wants to know if it is possible to park the vehicle right next to the entrance to the building in both cases, so do not forget to tell us that as well while placing an order via phone, e-mail, or directly. You can also specify the date of house removal that would be the most convenient one for you and we will try our best to accommodate to your expectations. Finally, if you have already packed up your stuff, please inform us about the approximate number of boxes, plastic bags, and remaining containers that will have to be moved, for it will greatly help us with final price calculation.

It all depends on the complexity of the removal, the amount of items to be transported, and the size of your habitable space. After being informed about all the details of the order, we will properly adjust the number of employees to be engaged in the project for its realization time to be optimal and highly satisfactory for you. Typically, if the number of boxes, plastic bags, and items to be removed and taken to a new house is remarkably low, we assign just one person to provide you with the house removal services. In the case of more advanced and time-consuming projects, more experienced workers are assigned to the job.  

Even though we are typically busy, we will always be glad to help you. However, if you want to book a specific date of house removal, it is highly advisable to contact us earlier, preferably two weeks in advance. Then, it will be possible for us to make proper arrangements and contact you beforehand to tell whether or not the chosen date is acceptable and if our employees our available.

Yes, it does. We take a proper care of all the items the client entrusts us with. On customer’s request, we may additionally secure extremely fragile, expensive, or richly decorated items of furniture by utilizing transportation mats, stretch foils, bubble wrap, and straps during transportation. All elements of disassembled furniture are separated from one another by means of carton straps. Thanks to that, you can be sure that the transported objects will not be subjected to any mechanical damages, scratches, or deformations.  

Even though we typically provide services to clients living within the borders of our city of operation, for an extra charge, we can help you move house elsewhere. Just contact our representatives to obtain more information relating to great distance-oriented house removals.  

Of course, we can help you with that as well. All it takes is to contact us a few days before the planned date of house removal, and our representatives will deliver a prior specified number of boxes, crates, and bags to the specified address, which should make it remarkably easier for you to quickly and effortlessly pack all the things you want to take with you.

Yes, there is such a possibility. In our vans, there are three seats. In the case of small-scale house removal undertakings, the driver can take up to two individuals with him or her to the specified destination. When two workers are involved in moving client’s house, then only one additional person can be taken to travel to the to-be-furnished house with them. Please note that when it comes to complex transportation-oriented services that involve three workers, there is no possibility to travel with us to your new house. You will be informed about the number of individuals that will help you in house removal beforehand for you to make necessary arrangements or prepare for travelling with us.  

If you want to, you can be present during the entire house moving procedure, but please keep in mind that it is not necessary. If you happen to have other tasks to perform or meetings to attend, you can always leave our employees unattended, for they always provide their services in compliance with the applicable procedures, legal regulations, and good practices of the industry, which is the warranty that your items will not be damaged in any way and their value will not be decreased as a result of house removal. Also, our employees will not require your help in the process – you can be sure that they will take care of all the tasks they have been appointed to perform.

Yes, you can. We work seven days a week, even on Sunday, excluding only bank holidays.

Yes, it is possible. Our company specializes in all kinds of transportation-related services, so you can contact us if you want your old TV, fridge, washing machine, sofa, or any other item to the closest garbage dump.