Due to the fact that our company keeps expanding, we are constantly considering new directions of developing and new ways of reaching even wider groups of customers. That is why we came up with the idea of temporary storage, which is predominantly based on keeping your valuable possessions safe and unexposed to adverse weather conditions and other negative factors for a specified period of time. The offer covers individual items you have nowhere else to store, entire content of the house you want to move, as well as parcels and boxes that you would like us to deliver to a particular destination on a given future date. Please keep in mind that we cannot store such objects for a prolonged period of time, especially due to the fact that we have to deal with a number of ongoing orders on an everyday basis and we therefore can dedicate only a limited amount of space in our halls and storage areas to goods entrusted to us by our clients. If you decide to do so, you can be sure that your items will be very well protected, for our premise is not only monitored by means of industrial cameras, but there are also alarms, relatively high fences, and strong locks in the doors, which all ensure that no one will pass through all layers of security and steal or tamper with your possessions. You can now sleep calmly, knowing that true professionals exercise supervision over your items and that they are stored in optimal conditions, especially when it comes to temperature, humidity, and light exposure. Therefore, they will be just as new after transportation to the desired location or collecting them personally. We can also guarantee that the price of said service is very alluring and affordable, for we do not want to drain your household budget, but rather – offer you an interesting and relatively cheap alternative to storage companies that operate in Leeds and nearby areas. Instead of opting for their remarkably convoluted subscription plans and concluding complex agreements with them, you can go for a much simpler and more pleasant option where you receive almost the same, but for half the price and with no additional strings attached. Do not hesitate to contact us by any communication available if you happen to have any questions strictly related to the storage service and would like our representatives to dispel all your doubts. We will be more than glad to help you and explain you the specificity of the service bit by bit!